Pitstop Vs GoMechanic – Which is Better?

When it comes to vehicle servicing, pitstop and GoMechanic have their share of the market. Both companies offer an online booking platform for after-sales car services. But what sets them apart from one another? Below, we’ll discuss the pros and cons of each one. What are the pros and cons of pitstop and GoMechanic? And who’s better? Let’s find out!

In the U.S., Pitstop has partnered with more than 175 garage brands, and over 150 independent mechanics are listed on its platform. This number is set to grow to 5,000 in the coming months. Pitstop offers door step repair services for vehicles from 32 manufacturers, operates mobile repair vans, and stocks spare parts for all of them. It has also recently entered motor insurance, and has captured data from on-board diagnostic devices, AC sensors, and gravity meters.

Pitstop has recently acquired Noida-based MotorWhiz, which provides mobile solutions for car services and repair jobs. The deal was a cash-and-stock transaction. Pitstop said it achieved 40% growth month-on-month last year, and it is aiming to scale the service to more cities. Pitstop says it has completed more than 80,000 four-wheeler repairs in its first year tunai4d..

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