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The VIP Music Scene is a rapidly growing industry with an increasing number of venues, and an increasing amount of players. As a result, the industry has become increasingly complex and it can be difficult to make a decision as to where to find the best live experience. Fortunately, the following article will provide a few of the most important factors to look out for when choosing a venue.

Secret Hits

A new music platform, Secret Hits, has emerged from Brooklyn-based record label VIP Music Records. It offers a wide range of services including artistic development, production and marketing. This platform focuses on new and emerging talent. The roster of songwriters and producers includes artists like Lil Eddie, Pinto Picasso and The Jackie Boyz.

The initiative is nine months old and already has more than a dozen songs. These include the track “Fuck The Other Side,” featuring Kvng Shad, which has more than four million Spotify streams. The company has also signed Stylez, a reggae artist from Jamaica. Its video production team consists of Leo Schober of Gravity Motion Pictures. allworldday

Patch browser

VIP is an innovative software package that allows users to enjoy the full functionality of any VSTi virtual instrument on their computer. This includes a comprehensive patch browser, which is integrated into the interface. It allows you to search for the best patches on your keyboard, based on sound type, instrument type and style. This makes it a great way to discover sounds you didn’t even know existed livechatvalue.

Other features of the VIP software include a new plugin manager, which allows you to view large plugin interfaces directly within the software. This allows for easy management of your plug-ins, and allows you to download new plugin maps straight from the cloud.


VIP Music Software has announced an upgrade to their popular Virtual Instrument Player (VIP) software. The new version, VIP 2.0, includes a variety of new features and enhancements. It also adds the ability to view large plugin interfaces right inside the application. It is designed to offer total control over a virtual effect collection. This includes the ability to audition multiple effects with one click and to switch patches from all VSTs in one place. The software is compatible with any keyboard controller that supports the VIP MIDI format. starwikibio

Among its many new features, VIP Multi lets you layer, mix and pan up to 8 patches from any VST in your library. It also allows you to combine up to four inserts or effects sends into a single effect stack. For those who want to go all out, VIP includes the Custom Control Mode, which allows you to map any VST parameter to any VIP-enabled keyboard. This gives you full creative control over your sounds, and makes improvising a breeze.


Vip Music Records is an in house operation, where all aspects of the music are handled. From the recording to production, songwriting, marketing campaigns, social media, and more, they handle it all. The company has recently signed reggae recording artist Stylez, who will be performing alongside rapper Kvng Shad on their upcoming single “Fuck The Other Side.” This track has already earned more than four million streams on Spotify. Also, the label has signed songwriters like Pinto Picasso, Lil Eddie, and The Jackie Boyz.

The company’s Secret Hits platform launched in August 2018. This includes songwriters, new talent, and the production of music. They are currently working with seven composers from different countries.


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